• How to install artificial culture stone?

    How to install artificial culture stone?

    How to install artificial culture stone? Firstly: Prepare the wall—-Clean up the wall to be without dust or bump, and make the surface to be rough enough for the next steps(Those low water absorption smooth walls such as plastic or wooden surface need iron gauze and be made to roughness);  ...
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  • What’s the artificial culture stone?

    What’s the artificial culture stone?

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  • Travertine Tile

    Travertine Tile

    Travertine Tile Holes in the stone. Irregular holes of the side is more flat, clear surface texture, and bold outline, distinctive color simple, highlight the three-dimendional. Mottled surface with various holes gives people a kind of nostalgic feeling, which lets us felt the years vicissitudes...
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  • Luxury Floor & Wall — Granite Porcelain Tile

    Luxury Floor & Wall — Granite Porcelain Tile

    A set of well designed and assembled granite tile can be applied in floor, wall, and even outdoor paving applications, making the decorated areas stand out. The products of granite series have more than 20 colors for choosing, like white, yellow, red, brown and gray that are widely used in groun...
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  • How could we decorate the room to live it up?

    How could we decorate the room to live it up?

    With oneself love of the life live in a beauty of city, common of work hard, own sweet of small house, is let very much what person look forward to. House is the most important for us. But if be in, decorate a respect too haggle over every ounce too, is sweet smell lacked in the home that can you...
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  • New Rustic Tile Showroom in Foshan China

    New Rustic Tile Showroom in Foshan China

    New Rustic Tile Showroom in Foshan China New rustic tile showroom opens in the beginning of April, 2021. Located in No.3~5, 1st Floor, Hall B, Shiwan Sanitary Ware city, Chan Cheng District, Foshan City, China. Welcome to visit us!  
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    Production Line We use KEDA 4208 pressing machine, with a Compressor frequency of 7.3 times per min. The mould surface would be applied on this machine, and now we already have more than 400 moulds, with more styles in developing.     Tile body pressed by KEDA machine shall be proc...
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  • Mushroom Stone

    Mushroom Stone

    Mushroom stone always provides people a kind of thick and strong feeling. As we have seen, the high fence, pillars and the bottom of exterior wall are all decorated by luxuriant mushroom stone design. Rugged appearance, detailed mechanism and rich cultural temperament show a low-key luxury, styl...
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  • Artificial Culture stone—Riprap Series

    Artificial Culture stone—Riprap Series

    In all manufactured stone, the riprap lacks elegant and noble character of the castle rock, but is most beautiful and natural for me. Its original and natural temperament plays vividly around the house. Jagged and colorful riprap turning into different size keys makes my passion and mind go on a...
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  • Thin Reef Stone Decoration

    Thin Reef Stone Decoration

    I have grown very fond of the culture stone of thin reef series. Its uneven surface and angular appearance reveal a sense of relief and shallow history. The unique design makes the bustle of small town move slowly in a relaxed way, there are not too much bound, stress and thoughts, everything see...
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  • Granite Series

    Granite Series

    Granite is naturally tough that saturated with a kind of noble descent, combined the traces of years and the marks of civilization and conveys a sort of elegant artistic conception, which makes our heart away from the noise and blundering and closes to the peace and freedom. The products of grani...
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  • Castle stone

    Castle stone

    Castle stone is so mysterious and beautiful seems a castle, which is fabulously romantic littered with fairy-tale castle and cream-colored fortresses with their geometric hedges and exquisite parterres, which is not the dream, everyone can own. Because that castles forget in it life’s melody. Sin...
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